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Ballograf was founded in 1945 by Eugen Spitzer, a jew of Austrian origin who fled to Sweden during World War II.
At the beginning, production took place in a small garage. The company was called AB Fabeh.

The company began to grow rapidly and moved to Mölndal under the name Ballografverken AB and with Victor Reich as CEO. Ballograf is a composition of “ballo” which means bullet and the word “graph” which means writing.

In 1953, Ballograf launched a ballpoint pen with Swedish archive ink that led companies and authorities to use it. The success of the ballpoint pen was great and Ballograf began to develop into the leading pen manufacturer in the Nordic countries for ballpoint pens while exports to other countries began to increase.

From 1953 to 2004, Ballograf was owned by the French company BIC.

In 1960, Ballograf began producing the pen that is still the bestseller and today a real classic that has not changed. Many people know the Epoca pen in its special form as deskset that is often found at banks or hotel receptions.

In 1992, the Rondo pen was made for the first time, which still is a very popular classic.

Between 1960 and 2019, production in Västra Frölunda, outside Gothenburg, today all production in Filipstad.

Ballograf is today in Swedish hands and the owners are Tommy Kvist and Jan Johansson. The company’s CEO is Peter Orrgren.

Today, Ballograf is the only pen manufacturer in the whole of the North and exports pencils to 49 countries (including Austria, Japan, USA, Switzerland and many more). The company produces over 5 million pens per year and has about 20 employees.

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