How to write the perfect card

Choosing materials

Do you want to start with a blank card/paper, or will you buy a printed card with your greeting? Think about what the card itself signals and how it fits a potential gift given at the same time. Keep in mind that the paper quality is of importance in how the card will be received.

A good tip is to test the pen on a scrap paper first to guarantee that it will be as you have imagined.

  • Make sure the pen does not smudge och bleed while writing
  • Plan what you should write in advance so that it fits and that it will be nicely arranged
  • Use something to guide you writing straight lines

Be personal

Just writing “Congratulations!” or “I love you” doesn’t feel that exciting. Dare to write personal! A good tip is not to start with these phrases; Thank you, Congratulations, I love you. Then it may feel like you’ve got everything said already. These phrases are better to end with.

So what to write? Think about what is so special about the situation or the person who will get the card, why do you want give this card?

  • Use your knowledge of the person to write credibly
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to draw if the words fail you

Add something extra

What is meant by this? You have already bought flowers, a nice gift and a card, what more can you ask for? It does not have to be anything that costs, but consider whether it is something that can be included in the card that makes it all extra personal and nice to get.

  • Cut something from a book or newspaper
  • A note with a brush with your lipstick to save
  • If you have an envelope for the card, it is just the imagination that sets the limits for what you can put in; glitter, sprinkles, petals …

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