Should pens be counted as disposable plastic?

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are being dumped in the seas. Researchers say that the seas will consist of more plastic than fish by 2050. Dark figures, but fortunately, the EU has decided to take steps in the right direction and stop disposable plastic articles starting 2021. In addition, all plastic packaging must be recyclable from 2030.

But what about the pens? All of these pens that can’t even replaced the ink refill, and that are thrown away after just a few uses.

In the US, more than 4.3 million pens are thrown away every day.

For over 50 years, Ballograf has been working actively to create pens that will last a lifetime. The ink refill in Ballograf pens writes 8000 meters. It’s twice as far as the nearest competitor, and nine times longer than the average ballpoint pen.

The fact that it is not even possible to replace refills on most ballpoint pens means that they should be counted as disposable plastics, given the very limited life span.

The plastic in Epoca and Deskset is made of 49% cellulose, and the parts which for various reasons become faulty in production are reused to minimize waste.

We really recommend our Deskset, which is designed to not be lost. Smart, right?

Read our blog post about how to avoid losing your pen here.

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