This is why the ballpoint pen is perfect for sketching

1. You can’t erase

Now you might think “Exactly, that’s why I want a pencil!”. But the fact is- it is better to sketch freely, not wasting time on erasing. Just go for it, draw draw draw. If you stop to erase, you lose flow.

But above all: If you constantly erase your mistakes, it is difficult to learn from them.

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2. Line variation

With a ballpoint pen can draw lines that are impossible with a fine liner or felt pen.

The ballpoint pen can draw light and soft lines, but also bring out distinct and hard strokes with the same pen. The only competitor there is is the pencil- but in this blog post it does not have a chance.

And let’s mention light resistance. If you choose a good ballpoint pen, you can save your drawings for the rest of your life. Ballograf’s ink has one of the toughest requirements for light resistance, and is the only ink that is allowed within the state and authority in Sweden. That’s something!

3. The simplicity

It is always possible to have a pen in your bag or pocket. You do not need to sharpen it or be afraid to break the tip off. All you have to do is grab a pen and start drawing.

4. The cost

Ballpoint pens does not cost much. But be sure to choose one with changeable refill if you draw a lot. Then you save both the environment and your money.

If you choose a ballpoint pen with changeable refill, you can also try out different nibs, Ballografs ballpoint pens have Medium and Fine nibs for you to choose from. And it is easy to get a favorite pen when you are up and running. Some even have a pen for different moods, some choose to match the day’s clothing or surroundings.

If you were to lose the pen, it is always easy to buy a new one at a reasonable price.

Still not convinced? We also have a large selection of  mechanical pencils

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