Three tips for choosing the right pen

There are many pens to choose from, right? When trying to fint a pen you are presented with a lot of pens in different price range, colors and quality.

At Ballograf we believe we have a lot to share with you about pens, therefore we have some tips on the way for those who might want some guidance.

1. The intention

In what context will you use your pen? Whether you see the pen as a tool or accessory, you need to consider when you intend to use the pen.

How important is it that what you write is not smeared or faded? Should it be possible to erase? Does the pen need to cope with tough conditions or should it just be on a desk?

If the pen is to be used as an accessory, it is good to think about what the pen might symbolize (quality, luxury or budget, culture and personality). Color choice and how the result is on a paper is important as well.

A pen as an interior detail? Our Deskset is often used worldwide to decorate homes and offices.

2. What is the budget?

It is easy to get free promotional pens from different companies. But you who read this text are probably looking for something more, something that creates added value in your life in one way or another.
But is the most expensive pen always the best? The short answer is no. However, one can not expect a cheap pen being able to maintain adequate quality.

Expensive pens the other hand may also lack in quality, the price can instead rely on design and decoration more than writing quality.

Did you know that our cheapest pen is the classic Epoca-pen?

3. Make sure to choose a pen to enjoy

In the end, everything is about finding a pen that you enjoy. That is something quite personal. But don’t give up, the right one is out there waiting for you!

Be sure though to choose a pen that symbolizes you, who you are and wants to be.

Visit our web shop and see if the right one is there, ready to join you all of your journeys!

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