What is the point of writing by hand when we have computers?

Despite the computer’s strong entry into work and everyday life, there is still a strong force in people to continue using pen and paper. How is it possible, when spell checking and the cloud are available?

One often hear the same argument for longhand writing as reading paper books instead of e-books – it is something in the feeling of the book/pen/paper that is satisfying and inspiring.

In addition, research shows that you get more focused and remember better by writing by hand instead of on a keyboard. Please feel free to read the report with the nice name: “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking”.

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The personality is reflected in the handwriting

As a writer of some sort it is common that the fleeting ideas and the instant strange thoughts initiates a writing process. These ideas are exceptionally good to put down on a scrap paper, in a note pad or straight on the hand if nothing else is available.

When writing for creative reasons, it is usually a part of the soul and personality that is put down in text. By writing by hand this is reflected on the paper not only by the choice of words, but also how they are written down reflects the personality. With a keyboard, that dimension disappears.

Pen with engraving – for a more personal writing experience

Transcribe for new insights

One thing that often recurs as a reason for longhand writing is to see the process and thoughts along the way. You can write a little here and there, comment on previously written things, maybe draw a small illustrative image.

When writing on a computer, it gets very strict, which off course is an advantage when it comes to rewriting and later on publishing. Re-writing on the computer will give you a chance to read your text again, in another format that provides insights and reflection.

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