Say hello to what may be Sweden’s most famous ballpoint pen

Imagine a ballpoint point. What do you see before you?

There’s a good chance it’s a Ballograf Epoca. This classic has been part of our assortment ever since 1961 and is still a big seller, thanks partly to its excellent function but perhaps most of all because of the pleasant writing experience. From important contracts to love letters and shopping lists: imagine everything that has been written with an Epoca over the years!

A new epoch in the pen’s history
The idea behind Epoca was to design a pen with a form that’s ergonomically correct. The request for this actually came from the Swedish Postal Service, whose staff used to write a lot every day and complained of tired and painful hands. That’s how Epoca developed a form unlike that of any other pen in the early 60s but which we all recognise today. It was tried and tested for more than two years, both by hand and in special testing devices. Epoca was then launched in two models – Epoca P and Epoca Luxe – and the rest, as they say, is history.

A really good pen in several different models
All Ballograf pens are manufactured in Sweden, at our factory in Filipstad. The Epoca assortment has grown over the years and today we almost dare to claim that there’s an Epoca for everyone.

Our Epoca

Loaded with 8,000 metres of unique ink

But the inside also counts. Ballograf’s ink is tailored to our Swedish climate and must cope with both warm and freezing temperatures. We are basically the only ones of our kind when it comes to the light-resistant ink in our pens. The ink actually has the very strict Svenskt Arkiv certification, which is required for use in municipalities and county councils, for example. The ink in the pen also lasts for 8,000 metres, which only we can offer. That’s nine times longer than the average pen and approximately twice as long as our nearest competitor.

Write with a lifetime guarantee
Sustainability is also about making things that last – and this is something we are very proud of in our pens. For more than 50 years we have sought to create pens that will last a whole lifetime, which means that we can offer a lifetime guarantee for the click mechanism in your Ballograf pen.

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