Ballograf Rondo – a modern Swedish classic

A stylish favourite since 1993

Compared with Epoca, Ballograf Rondo is a mere youngster, but no less well designed. Since its launch in 1993, this stylish treat has conquered Swedish hearts. Maybe it’s Rondo’s stylish look? Maybe it’s thanks to its excellent writing properties? This pen has it all!

Just as right now as then
Rondo has a stylish design that makes the pen feel as modern today as it did thirty years ago. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if that feeling persists for another thirty years. The round, smooth pen body fits perfectly in your hand. Rondo is not too thick, and not too thin, but just right. And we Swedes love things just right.

A Rondo for all occasions
All Ballograf pens are manufactured in Sweden, at our factory in Filipstad. Over the years, the Rondo assortment has grown. Today, you can choose from several different ballpoint pens and matching mechanical pencils – and don’t forget Rondo Erase, the ballpoint pen with erasable ink.

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Loaded with 8,000 metres of unique ink

Ballograf’s ink is tailored to our Swedish climate and must cope with both warm and freezing temperatures. We are basically the only ones of our kind when it comes to the light-resistant ink in our pens. The ink actually has the very strict Svenskt Arkiv certification, which is required for use in municipalities and county councils, for example. The ink in the pen also lasts for 8,000 metres, which only we can offer. That’s nine times longer than the average pen and approximately twice as long as our nearest competitor.

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Write with a lifetime guarantee
Sustainability is also about making things that last – and this is something we are very proud of in our pens. For more than 50 years we have sought to create pens that will last a whole lifetime, which means that we can offer a lifetime guarantee for the click mechanism in your Ballograf pen.

Buy refills for your Rondo
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