Ballograf Original Refill


Ballograf standard cartridge


For the best possible writing experience, it’s the inside that counts: the ballpoint pen’s cartridge. That is why we manufacture our tips in stainless Japanese steel and the balls in very hard tungsten carbide. Then we fill the whole thing with ink of the highest class and longest range: each cartridge writes an incredible 8,000 metres.

Ink colour: Blue, black or red

Tip: Medium or fine

Ballograf Original Refill is suitable for all Ballograf pens except the Ballograf Pocket. The blue and black ink is certified by Svenskt Arkiv, which means that pens with these inks and medium tips may be used in municipalities and country councils as the ink is highly light-resistant. At the end of each cartridge is a lump of grease that maintains the ink and ensures it doesn’t dry out, even if the pen is left lying around for a long time.

Additional information

Weight 0,008 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Red


Fine, Medium


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