Ballograf Erase



Archive-resistant ink in all its glory, but sometimes you want to start again and get it right. Then Ballograf Erase is your best ballpoint friend. With erasable ink in four attractive colours, it’s perfect for school, work and leisure – not least if you like solving crosswords.

Tip: Medium
Ink colour: Same as the pen: blue, black, purple or pink

The ink in Ballograf Erase is heat sensitive: it disappears when heated. Using the pen’s eraser generates friction which warms up the paper and ink, making the ink invisible. But what you’ve written can be made to reappear if you cool down the paper, e.g. by putting it in the freezer.

Ballograf Erase has a comfortable rubberised grip that provides for comfortable writing. The pen is available in four lovely colours, and the ink in the pens is the same colour as the pen itself. When the ink runs out, simply replace the cartridge. The built-in eraser at the top of the pen is made from silicone and is indestructible.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Purple


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