Sustainability in its most literal sense

Sustainability in its most literal sense

For us at Ballograf, our whole company is about sustainability. About not encouraging disposable consumption but developing products that really last the course. Pens that thanks to their high quality, replaceable cartridges and lifetime guarantees for the click mechanism can follow you through life. That’s what we mean by sustainability in its most literal sense.


Quality for life

The quality of our products is an important aspect of its environmental profile. Our pens are produced to have a level of quality that ensures they will not break, which in turn means that they will not be discarded and end up contributing to the mountain of rubbish the way promotional pens do. For more than 50 years we have sought to create pens that will last a whole lifetime, which means that we can offer a lifetime guarantee for the click mechanism in your Ballograf pen.

Our History

Replaceable is sustainable

Far too many pens bought nowadays are only good for a few hundred metres of writing. But our pens not only give you writing pleasure for your money, an Epoca, for example, writes a whopping 8,000 metres, equivalent to approximately 400 full A4 pages of writing. The cartridge in your Ballograf pen is also replaceable. So when the ink runs out, you simply buy a refill and your pen gets a new lease of life. Of course, you can also replace the lead and erasers in our mechanical pencils when they are used up.


Carefully selected materials

Our products are produced with the least possible environmental impact in mind. For example, with our big sellers Epoca and Desk Set, we have chosen to work with cellulose-based plastic, which provides a product that is not only high quality but also made 50% of cellulose. If anything goes wrong in production, we also make sure to reuse it to reduce waste. It’s important to conserve resources.



Buy Refill

Made in Sweden

Unnecessary transport also has an unnecessary impact on the environment. That is why we are proud to have our production in Filipstad. Ever since its start in 1945, Ballograf has produced pens in Sweden – and today we are the only ones offering pens made in Sweden. Good for our environment and for Swedish jobs.


Write extra sustainably with Eco Friendly

Avoiding disposable products is a big part of a sustainable lifestyle – and we have extensive experience of making pens that last. But if you want to write in an even greener way, we have created the series Eco Friendly by Ballograf. Here you will find our classic Epoca in a new sustainable design. The plastic in the Epoca RP pen is recycled from tech gadgets that have reached the end of the line. You’ll also find our Eco Friendly Markers, where the plastic components are made from the same type of recycled plastic and the body consists of recycled cardboard with a layer of natural wax that protects against leakage.

Eco Friendly
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