Journal writing- the benefits and tips to get started

New Year, new possibilities. In the beginning of a new year many of us set goals with our lifes. A good way to reach your goals and gain insight into your life is to write down the thoughts that circulate in your head. And it does not have to be so advanced. Here is a blog post to inspire and motivate you in journal writing.

The benefits

Create insight and improve your memory
There is a lot of research about how journal writing promotes well-being, but also things like memory and intelligence.

By writing regularly, you create insights about your everyday. Even if you do not always go back in your previous notes, writing encourages you to think about your situation. This is helpful when either changing or accepting things in life. Time for reflection is something that is often mentioned as reason to write a journal. Reflecting on your own feelings, but also others is something that practices your EQ- emotional intelligence.

Feel better by writing
The reasons for writing are of course different from person to person, but writing down what you need right now creates self-insight and an understanding of your situation.
Writing down things that otherwise only spins around in thebrain can reduce the burden, and put on paper maybe a solution reveals itself. This when the brain suddenly doesn’t take the text as personal as the thoughts, and thus can find a solution instead.

Professor James Pennebaker of the University of Texas has even found in his research that those who experienced traumatic events dimidiate their doctor’s visits if they write in a journal three to four times a week.

Get started

Think about what you want to write in
A weekly calendar can be a good start, to get into the habit of writing, and not feel the pressure to write so much every time. It is enough to just make small notes to achieve benefits. Often it is the continuous writing that is good to get into a habit.

If you want a “real” journal, simply find one that you really enjoy. Does the paper feel good? How many pages do you want it to have? Lined or blank pages? Many questions to be asked in search of the perfect book.
Otherwise, it is always possible to write on the phone/tablet/computer for those who want to be a little more digital.

Quick tips:

  • Select a notebook that you actually want to write in
  • Make sure you have a pen that does not fade or scratch over the years (see our favorite here)
  • Don’t censor yourself. Write what you want and need.
  • The important thing is not how or what, but that you actually write.

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