What are the pros and cons of different pens?

We often get the question what’s the difference between pens. In the jungle of pen brands, models and colors, it is nice to know at least what type of pen you want before taking the next step- to think about which price range and model that appeals to you.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint Close up

Reliable partner in crime who does not let you down in the first place. However, it is important to choose a pen of good quality as both ink and ball point determine how good the pen is.


  • Light-resistant *
  • No mess *
  • No maintenance
  • Relatively cheap


  • Not so many choices in color and tip size
  • Cheap pencils can smudge or break in the click mechanism
  • Roller ball can get stuck and stop working properly

*Provided good quality of pen

Good for: Note taking and letters, at the office, in the bag, in a pocket. Can also be used as a sketch and drawing tool by both amateurs and professionals.
Recommended pen: The timeless and beloved Epoca is available in several models for everyone

Fountain pen

Fountain Pen Close up

A pen for the connoisseur, and that requires a bit of maintenance now and then. The nib is one of the crucial factors for how the pen is perceived for writing, which is all about taste.


  • The line is dynamic and gives dependence on how hard the paper is printed on different thicknesses on the line
  • It is perceived as high-quality and stylish


  • The nib is vulnerable
  • It can leak
  • Requires maintenance and some knowledge

Good for: Notes and letters, greeting cards and for elegant occasions.
Recommended pen: Sheaffer’s classic Prelude


Close up rollerball

The rollerball pen is much like a regular ballpoint pen. The difference is the ink that is more fluid than in the ballpoint pen. Most often, the pen has a lid, which some prefer over the click mechanism in a ballpoint pen.


  • Easy to write with
  • Good for anyone who writes fast


  • Scratches lighter than regular ball point and easily smears
  • Not the same resistance as regular ink
  • The line does not have the variation in its expression as both the ink pen and the fountain pen.
  • Shorter writing length on the refill when the pen does more ink

Good for: The same as for the ballpoint pen, but for the one who
wants a smoother writing experience.
Recommended pen: Cross Classic Century – the pen was designed in 1946 and is now very popular.

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